X-Tip: Collect 30 Percent Bonus For Combined Bets

X-Tip: Collect 30 Percent Bonus For Combined Bets

Aug 9, 2015 Blog by Immanuel

X-Tip not only provides its customers with an extensive betting portfolio, but also gives its players access to numerous different bonus offers. So expects the new Tipper a welcome bonus for their first deposit, inventory customers can use again for example the combination bonus – and secure themselves so up to 30 per cent larger profits with their combination bets.

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Permanent bonus action

The combination bonus of the bookmaker is a firm component of the Portfolios and to no start or end date bound. This means that every bettor can use the offer for any of his combination bets. Please note that only odds of 1.21 or higher qualify for the offer. A bonus is also only paid if at least five bets on the ticket have been successfully combined.

If there are five tips, a bonus of five percent is paid on the winning amount. If the number of bets on the ticket rises to 25, the bonus is 25 percent. So one thing is clear: in order to secure the maximum bonus of 30 percent, the players must place their own combination bet from 30 selections.

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