Option888 Advertises Crypto Trade – 10 Different Crypto Currencies Tradable!

Option888 Advertises Crypto Trade – 10 Different Crypto Currencies Tradable!

Sep 27, 2016 Blog by Immanuel

Option888 is an online broker known for trading binary options. Particularly in demand is meanwhile also the trade with crypto currencies, which can be bought and sold here in the meantime. In comparison to many other brokers the selection is quite decent and so 10 different crypto currencies can currently be traded.

Which crypto currencies can I trade at Option888?

Whoever has a trading account at Option888 can buy crypto currencies by using US dollars, but also by using Bitcoin. It is possible that for example the currencies XRP, Dash, Ripple or ZEC as well as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum or Ethereum Classic can be traded. The selection is quite large and in the Traderroom the traders are indicated directly, at which rates the appropriate currencies can be bought and sold up-to-date.

Is Option888 a respectable broker?

The Online Broker Option888 is already for more than 3 years on the market and has its seat outside of the European Union. Specifically, Option888 is based on Curacao and is therefore well away from the EU. This must always be taken into account when opening a trading account with a broker. It should be noted that the broker provides support via email and telephone. The live chat, which is now offered by many brokers, can unfortunately not be used here. It has to be mentioned that the security with the broker is not as high as it is with most other brokers.

Whoever decides to trade with Option888 must always keep this in mind. The broker currently advertises with a large trading offer and of course with the fact that accordingly many different products can be traded.

 What can I trade about a trading account at Option888?

In total, traders have more than 280 different underlying assets at their disposal when it comes to trading. It should be noted that mainly currencies as well as commodities and stocks can be traded. If you are interested in the options that can be traded on Option888, you will notice that besides the Touch Option you can also trade OneTouch as well as Range and Turbo Options. Depending on the option, the yield amounts to more than 180% and there is a refund of up to 20%.

With Option888, money can be transferred via various credit cards (MasterCard or Visa credit cards) or bank transfer. The money can be paid out the same way. It is necessary that at least a sum of 250 Euro is deposited, so that the trade can be perceived. There are no fees for the deposit with Option888. The account can be held with the broker in various currencies, such as euros, but also in US dollars and British pounds. Various currencies from Scandinavia such as the Danish krone, Norwegian krone or Swedish krona can also be used to start trading with the broker.