New Order Fee At Ing-Diba On 18 May 2018 – 4.90 Euro Basic Fee To Come!

New Order Fee At Ing-Diba On 18 May 2018 – 4.90 Euro Basic Fee To Come!

Jul 7, 2017 Blog by Immanuel

As a direct bank, ING-DiBa is more than popular with brokerage customers. It advertises with a free custody account and a free checking account and thus offers a good basis for the start of stock trading.

Now it became known that ING-DiBa adjusts the order charges, namely as of 18 May 2018. New is the fee, which is 4.90 and represents a basic fee. So far, the bank has only charged a fee of 0.25%, which is now supplemented by the 4.90 Euro fee. It should also be noted that the minimum fee for a trade is no longer 9.90 euros, but this limit is dropped. The maximum fee that is possible per trade is no longer 59.90 euros, but 69.00 euros.

This means that traders who execute smaller orders pay significantly less fees than was previously the case. Who decides for an order starting from a sum of at least 2,000 euro, must pay now with the ING-DiBa clearly higher fees.

What can I trade over the depot with the ING-DiBa?

The depot of the ING-DiBa is set up very extensively. That means concretely that the customers can act accordingly much. Besides the domestic trading of shares on the well-known stock exchanges Xetra as well as Tradegate and numerous other stock exchanges, it is also possible to trade on many foreign stock exchanges. The trading offer of ING-DiBa is not only limited to shares, but is also significantly extended, for example, by funds and ETFs.

Currently, ING-DiBa customers can access a selection of around 8,400 different funds. It is recruited with the fact that with approximately 4,500 funds a discount is offered at a value of 50% on the issue surcharge. The fund purchases are executed with the ING DiBa in the off-exchange direct trade starting from a market value of 500 euro without fees. This offer can still be used up to 29. March 2018, until the bank introduces fees for the appropriate trade.

Which savings plan variants offers the ING DiBa to its customer? Funds in addition, ETFs can be locked with the bank as savings plan. This means that a total of 130 different funds can be used to conclude savings plans. In addition, there are about 70 different ETFs that can also be concluded as savings plans.

It is possible that a savings plan at ING-DiBa can be executed every one, two or three months. In order to execute the savings plan it is necessary that at least a sum of 50 euros is deposited.

The ING-DiBa is considered one of the first direct banks on the Internet. It enjoys particularly large confidence with the customers and recruits with an extensive deposit security. Beside appropriate account and Depotmodellen the bank offers also financings. Straight ones with the house financing, or with consumer credits as well as with autocredits appropriate offers can be noticed by the ING DiBa. Overnight money accounts can also be concluded via the bank. Often appropriate accounts are applied with the bank with new customer offers, so that the conclusion becomes very attractive.